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Tips on Seasoned Tradelines Scale Tech Growth

Seasoned tradelines can be an excellent tool for tech companies to use to add years of history to their credit, helping to increase their credit score. When added as an authorized user to a seasoned tradeline, or aged account, a tech company can decrease its debt-to-credit ratio, as well as increase the average age of all accounts. But not, all tradelines are created equal, so you’ll want to do your research to find the easiest way to buy tradelines safely online. Here are a few tips to consider first.

1. The Older The Tradeline, The More Impact It Will Have

Higher credit limits and older account ages will mean that your credit score will increase more. When you are picking the right seasoned tradeline to purchase, choose one that is the oldest. Of course, these will be more expensive, but they will have a more powerful impact on your credit card.

2. Have At Least Three Open Positive Tradelines

Having only one seasoned tradeline doesn’t give you much power. Especially if you are a newer tech company, having just one tradeline indicates to banks that you are just in the beginning stages of your credit, and that’s never a good sign.


Instead, you want to have at least three open positive tradelines. You can have two of your own, and then open a seasoned tradeline to add age to your account history.

3. Monitor Your Credit

Often, you can go onto a credit monitoring site. There, it will tell you exactly what factors you need to improve your score. Age is one of the most important factors that goes into calculating your credit score, so that might be one of the reasons why your business’ credit score isn’t as high as you might like.


In addition, if your overall utilization is more than 25-30%, your score will also be lowered for that. You need to get a seasoned tradeline with a high credit limit to help balance out your debt utilization.

4. Get Tradelines From The Same Cardholder

If you need to get multiple tradelines to build up your credit score, it is always a good idea to get it from the same cardholder, because you will often get a better deal. It also helps to make your credit look more stable and secure because it will minimize the number of addresses on your credit file.

5. Eliminate Any Negatives On Your Credit Report

If you have any negatives on your credit report, a seasoned tradeline can only do so much to counter-balance this. Clean up your credit report to ensure that the tradelines can have as powerful of an impact as possible.